Garrapata Calla Lilies

Took a run down to Garrapata beach with my good friends Dayton Mistfeldt, and Dave Bernal today. We decided on a change of venue to Garrapata instead of the Firefalls in Yosemite today, and I'm glad we did. We were the only photographers there and spent a great day shooting some amazing views. I always kick myself for not spending more time down there. Big Sur is a gem and you can almost feel the presence of Ansel Adams and Brett Weston still there, wandering it's coves and beaches, capturing nature at its best. Here's a classic view that's been done before, and I really enjoyed doing it myself. Great to experience making these types of photos and the practice of making the image. I'll put this one in my photo recipe book, and hopefully apply it to a scene down the road and come up with something new.

I used a Lee Filter 3 stop graduated neutral density filter to darken the sky and help balance the exposure with the flowers.