Camranger Test Stanford Volleyball

Had the sports class out for the Stanford Volleyball game yesterday. Big thanks to the Stanford ops and media staff for letting the class shoot the game. Everyone was super helpful and made us all feel very welcome. It was also a great chance to test out the camranger: wireless control and image transfer unit.  I picked it up last Dec as I had no luck getting nikon's WT-5 to work. I love Nikon, but they really need to work on their wireless access for the pros. Anyhow, the camranger allows you to plug into just about every modern camera, Nikon or Canon, so it's a great universal option.

I was able to send 4 photos to the Stanford Media Director from the court, during the game in about 5 minutes using the camranger and my iPhone. I even used the built in iPhone cropping and editing tool to work on the images.

So, no laptop needed. I did not have to caption images, but, there are programs out there you can use to do so. That will be my next step.

It's a long way from shooting events in Maples for the Associated Press, hand developing the color film under the bleachers, and scanning the film on a portable leaf scanner that weighed 30 pounds!  3-5 images took about an hour to process film, dry, scan, caption and send.

I like technology!

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